What is a PGen Participant?


Well, I am, but I’m only one of many. How many? A thousand. Nice round number isn’t it? I’ll probably find out more when they publish the results. So, that’s a clue, of sorts. PGen is a research study being conducted on personalized genomics. It is a collaboration of the University of Michigan (where I work), with Harvard, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, PatientsLikeMe, with the genomic part being handled by Pathway Genomics and 23andMe, sort of evenly divided between the two.

Pathway Genomics Teams with Harvard Medical School and University of Michigan for NHGRI-Funded Genomic Testing Study: http://blog.pathway.com/press-pgen/

I’m both excited and nervous about this, and feel strongly committed to the importance of supporting this kind of research. I’m going to try to blog experiences as this progresses, and will do other posts that talk about why, how, etc. This is just the intro.

My name is Patricia Anderson. I am the Emerging Technologies Librarian at the University of Michigan. I am a single mom of a kid on the autism spectrum. He’s awfully darn proud of who he is, and likes himself just fine the way he is. We have a boatload of various conditions that “run in the family.” I’ve thought for decades that it would be interesting to study my family’s genetics. I don’t know what personalized genomics has to tell me about my family and my kids, but I’m hoping to find out.


2 thoughts on “What is a PGen Participant?

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