Pic of the day - High Speed

We’re having a party at our house this weekend, so I’m tidying up quite a bit before hordes of teenagers descend. The tidier, the better — it will only make things easier afterwards! But everything is a bit of a blur, and kind of overwhelming.

Meanwhile, I’ve been doing housekeeping of sorts with the PGen project as well. I want to talk to my family about this blogging project and my plans to reveal as much info as possible. I come from a fairly large family, and have been working my way through. Talked with my parents, then started on my sisters. One sister has a schedule that is the opposite of mine, making it almost impossible to get a hold of her. My other sister interceded on my behalf and played phone between us. I talked to her, she talked to my other sister, and somehow it looks like it worked out. Now I’m starting on my brothers. I got a hold of the one on Facebook alright, and he and I conferred in the Facebook chat app for a while. Two more left. Frankly, I’d expected this to be much harder than it has been. I expected that someone in my family would be upset, be concerned, ask me to “not” something out of what I say. Hasn’t happened yet.

At the same time, I’m seeing all sorts of news articles that touch on the issues of why I’m doing this. I’d love to start sharing some of those and responding to them. In another post. Or several.


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