Well, That’s Disappointing

Zera: Environmental Indicators: Face with Tears (Detail)

I’m hoping that I misunderstood something, and that more info is coming later. I received the results — 91 page report! Going to take a little time to dig through it. My immediate response was, there are some real issues with their graphic design, hmmm. They do this clever color-based top-level design for quick scan of the results, but I suspect it isn’t truly visible for persons with color-blindness, and they don’t provide the supporting design for those persons. Rule one of design for persons with color blindness is don’t depend solely on the color to carry the message, combine the color with words or numbers.

Next response was, but … but … but … where’s the results for celiac? When I filled in the survey it said they would include that, but if they did, it isn’t in these results. That was my primary motivator for doing this, and if I don’t get that info, I am suddenly seriously unmotivated. Not that I won’t look at the other parts, but my heart isn’t really in it.

More later, as I explore. There doesn’t seem to be as much information as I’d hoped.


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