Pic of the day - Happy Days Are Here Again!

Late last night I logged onto 23andMe to find my results were ready. I don’t have time to go into it much here, but I am DELIGHTED with the results so far. I’d been worried about what if it said I was not at risk for celiac. Well, my risk is four times normal, and pretty darn close to as high as possible for those 4 genetic markers. What a relief. Time to go back to my docs and look at this issue again. Thank goodness.

I also peeked at a few of the hidden tests, the bad worrisome scary conditions. For everything I’ve checked so far, I have normal to low risk for the scariest ones. One of them, Alzheimer’s, is one I’ve been worrying about for most of my life, so I cannot express what a relief this is. More on that story later, and more specifics on the celiac risk analysis. Basically, lots and lots to talk about on other days. For today? CHEERS!!!


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