Brain Overload

Pic of the day - Brains & Balls

Wow! I have so much more to share than I have time to talk about. Getting my results at 23andMe has been an wild ride. Right after getting the results, I heard via private messages from several unknown relatives. This opened the door to an unseen world, of folk who talk about mtDNA as if it is something the whole world knows; people who download their direct genetic data (not just the reports) from various sources to compare and contrast; hard core genetic info addicts who analyse their results with software packages and on incredibly geeky web sites. I am overwhelmed and learning tons. Some folk are also blogging, and using the info to dig literally into the genetic patterns of their entire family and the biochemistry underlying certain genetic patterns to sleuth through longstanding health challenges across their family, and actually finding possible solutions, fairly simple solutions. And I share a strikingly similar genetic pattern and family history. More on that later.

At the same time, simply from reading the results report from 23andMe, I have found that celiac is very likely, that there are prescribed medications I am currently taking that increase the risk for life-threatening conditions for which I am already at quite high risk (a one in six chance of developing the condition, WITHOUT taking these meds). So the report is paying off in big ways, and may save my life by preventing dangerous medication side effects.

Unfortunately, time-wise, this is happening at the same time that my house renovation is in the final crunch, and I don’t have time to report out about much of it. So, stay tuned, and I’ll come back in a couple weeks. Oh, and for those who, like me, didn’t know offhand, mtDNA = mitochondrial DNA. Ah, right.


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