My name is Patricia Anderson. I am the Emerging Technologies Librarian at the University of Michigan. I am a single mom of a kid on the autism spectrum. He’s awfully darn proud of who he is, and likes himself just fine the way he is. We have a boatload of various conditions that “run in the family.” I’ve thought for decades that it would be interesting to study my family’s genetics. I don’t know what personalized genomics has to tell me about my family and my kids, but I’m hoping to find out.


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  1. I Have Many Quetions For You! I Too Have A Long List Of Issues.. I Don’t KNow Where To Begin… LUPUS,Fibro, RA, CELIAC, HASHIMOTOS, OSTEOPOROSIS, EBV, .. And I Am Thinking I Should Get Tested For MTHFR. I Have A Long List Of Food And Chemical Sensitivities And Find I Do Best By Listening TO My GUTT..LOL

    • This sounds pretty familiar, Tammy. The cheapest way to start out might be to get a 23andMe test for $99. I recently learned that you can get the MTHFR info out of the 23andMe test with the web app Genetic Genie http://geneticgenie.org/ . Lots of puzzle pieces to assemble in building our own personal health!

      • 23andMe gives you results for about a million genetic variants. Geneticgenie.org will tell you whether you are mutated or not on about 30 methylation genetic variants on one report, and about 30 detoxification genetic variants on another report. They give a minimal interpretation of the methylation results. They ask for a donation of $10 for each of their reports.

        http://www.mthfrsupport.com/starthere/ generates a report on 250 genetic variants, using 23andMe data. Their reports contain sections on eye health, detox, tongue tie/cleft palate, methylation, allergy/mold, IgE, IgA, IgG, clotting disorders, thyroid, celiacs/gluten intolerance, mitochondrial function and sulfonotransferase genes.etoxification genes. There is no interpretation, but you can click on the SNP rs numbers and be taken to SNPedia, which provides links to relevant journal articles. The cost is $20.

        Livewello.com provides a variant report similar to MTHFRsupport’s, with some additional features. The cost is similar.

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